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Revelation Song
Virtual Choir #12

Welcome to the project page for Virtual Choir #12 - Revelation Song. As one of my all-time favourite worship songs, Revelation Song has been lingering on my to-do list for many years, and I've finally found a way to do this song justice. I contacted Jennie Lee Riddle, the songwriter, about my plans for this project; her response was enthusiastic and very encouraging:

"A virtual choir sounds wonderful!! What a joyous way to serve the Body of Christ through these days. You want to do “Revelation Song” with your choir!!?? To be a part of the end time choir that ushers in the coming of the Lord (that is what you are doing - raising up a Warrior Bride!!!) is an honor. To see His face is the prize for the wait." -- JENNIE LEE RIDDLE

Revelation Song paints various pictures of the Lamb Who Was Slain, Jesus Christ, as He was revealed in the book of Revelation: not a meek carpenter, but as a majestic and glorious King worthy of all worship. The structure of the song, consisting of just 4 chords in a repetitive cycle, points to the never-ending worship at the throne of heaven: "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty." But within that repetitive structure weaves intricate (and challenging) melodies.

I try not to get too excited or hopeful about my own projects, but I feel this one is truly going to be something special. A big reason for that is I've spent months working on the concept for the accompaniment and helping an abundantly talented musician with the technical details needed to join us. Wowing the likes of Simon Cowell and Howie Mandell on America's Got Talent, our mystery guest continually impresses me with his natural talent and discipline. I'm afraid you'll you'll have to wait until the final video to hear what we've put together; I know you'll be blown away!

The arrangement for this project consists of 2 female and 2 male vocal parts, as well as American Sign Language. The guide track accompaniment provides only the chord structure and metronome click to avoid any distraction from learning the complicated vocal rhythms. There is a great deal of syncopation in this song, and each verse is quite different from the rest. Read and listen carefully, as these rhythms don't leave much room for error. Pay close attention to the expected length of held notes (often ending right on beat 4). Though anyone is welcome to submit a part, this won't be the best project for young children or those that struggle with complex rhythms.

Please read the instructions carefully to maximize the chances of your submission being included in the combined video performance. Make sure you've kept up with all the available virtual choir training videos on my YouTube channel.

Submissions will be accepted from January 5 to January 31, 2022 (at 11:59pm EST/GMT-5). Use the MySubmission tool to view the status of your submission review any feedback provided. Please Note: my ability to accept resubmissions is quite limited. Your feedback will state if resubmission is welcome (before the deadline). Otherwise, feedback is provided to guide your efforts in future projects. If you have any other questions, please contact me. Click on the social media links above for more ways to keep informed.

Support Options
Virtual Choir projects take time, effort, and expense to bring to life. These projects will always be free for participants, but a number of people have asked how they can help. Here are a couple of options if you're interested in helping out.

Patreon Become a monthly Patreon supporter to help keep projects like this coming!
TeeSpring Check out my merch store for DW gear and *Official* WHITE shirts for recording!
PayPal Drop a few pennies into my PayPal tip jar for me and our mystery guest.

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Participation Guidelines

1. Required Equipment

Please make sure you have access to the following equipment for capturing your virtual performance:

  • Music Stand (or alternative)
    • Make sure you have somewhere to put your guide video playback device (visible to you but off camera).
  • Guide Video Playback Device
    • You need a video-capable device and an internet connection for the guide videos.
    • Consider laptop/notebook computers, smartphones, tablets (beware of noisy laptop fans!!)
    • Downloadable sheet music and MP3 audio will not be provided.
  • Headphones
    • Headphones are REQUIRED for singers - I want to record your voice, NOT the guide track
    • In-ear headphones (i.e. earbuds) are preferable, but use whatever you have.
    • If using only one (wired) earbud, tuck the unused earbud into the back of your shirt.
  • Video Recording Device
    • Consider DLSRs, digital camcorders, smartphones, tablets (webcams will NOT be accepted).
    • External microphones are to be out of frame.
  • Tripod (or other stabilizing device)
    • Tripod adapters are available for smartphones/tablets.
    • Consider camera placement alternatives such as shelves, tables, boxes, etc.
    • Handheld recordings will NOT be accepted.

2. Preparation / Practice

  1. Review the Guide Video(s)
    • Links to guide videos will appear when you provide your e-mail address in the form below.
    • Each video features the specificed vocal part with the other parts quietly in the background.
    • Each video features a metronome click to keep you in time and MIDI notes for pitch cues.
    • ASL video provides important visual instructions to help with timing.
  2. Choose the part you would like to perform
    • Prepare only ONE vocal submission, appropriate to your comfortable range, OR sign with ASL.
  3. Practice Tips
    • Practice singing/signing with guide video until you can record confidently.
    • Practice with one or both headphones in - experiment to get your best performance.

3. Recording

  1. Set up your recording space.
    • Find a QUIET space with minimal ambient noise and echoes.
    • Silence/remove intermittent noise sources (air conditioning, phones, fans, pets, etc.).
    • Find a completely plain, smooth, non-reflective BLACK background. Eliminate sags/folds that catch the light.
    • Ensure bright lighting that can be aimed on you (e.g. floor/desk lamps) and not illuminate the background.
    • Place your Guide Video Device to avoid looking too far down while recording.
  2. Set up your camera.
    • Set up your camera to record in landscape (wide) orientation.
    • Singers: Frame your video so I can see you from the bottom of your sternum/ribs and up.
    • Make sure your head is near the top edge of the video (but not cut off).
    • ASL: Frame your video so I can see you from the waist up; leave room above your head for signing.
    • Change your video recording mode to the lowest HD setting (720p) and 30 frames/sec.
    • Test adjustable audio settings - make sure you aren't too loud or too quiet (listen on headphones if possible).
  3. Dress for your performance.
    • Plain WHITE clothing (no writing or images) is required. Check out my merch store for official white DWVC shirts/hoodies.
    • Consider additional plain white accessories, such as baseball caps, headbands/barrettes, scarves, jewellry.
    • Dress casual! T-shirts are totally acceptable, though (for editing purposes) long sleeves work better if you have very dark skin.
  4. Record your performance.
    1. Stand up for your recording if possible, facing directly at camera.
    2. Put on your headphones.
    3. Press 'Record' on your video camera.
    4. Play Guide Video; follow cue notes and visual instructions.
    5. ASL: Follow on-screen instructions for synchronization clap and other cues.
    6. If you make a mistake, stop the camera and guide video; start from the beginning.
    7. Limit body movement to avoid leaning out of frame.
    8. Leave 4-5 seconds of silence/smile at beginning and end of recording.

3. Reviewing and Uploading

  1. Review your video recording using headphones.
    • Listen for audible noises you may not have noticed during recording.
    • Listen for sound level - too loud (distorting) or soft (hard to hear over background noise).
    • Look for proper visual framing and adequate lighting.
    • Compare the accuracy (pitch, rhythm, lyrics) of your performance to the guide track and sheet music.
    • Identify any issues and re-record if necessary.
  2. Upload your video to davidwesley.ca.
    • Smartphone/tablet: upload directly from your device.
    • Camera: transfer the video file to a computer by USB cable/SD Card, etc. and upload from your browser.
    • Do not submit edited videos (i.e. combining multiple takes) or separate audio/video files.
    • Do not redub or process audio (e.g. noise reduction, compression, reverb, pitch correction)
    • Fill out the information on the upload page.
    • Attach your video file and submit.
    • Use the MySubmission right away confirm receipt of your submission and identify any issues with your file that can be identified automatically. Return later to check the status of your submission and any feedback provided.
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Project Resources

Revelation Song is written by Jennie Lee Riddle; Copyright © 2004 Gateway Create Publishing. Project resources are provided solely for use with the David Wesley Virtual Choir.

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