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Elohim Lyric Video

Welcome! You are invited to participate in my first ever fan-created lyric video. I've broken up the lyrics of the chosen song, Elohim, into phrases short enough to fit on one screen (though some are longer than others). I need some creative people to bring them to life - kids, grown-ups, even families or other groups can participate.

So what do you have to do?

  1. Choose a lyric slide.
  2. Sign up to let me (and others) know what you intend to submit.
  3. Create a physical piece of art showing the lyrics.
  4. Record a short (~15-second) video clip of your work.
  5. Upload your video here.
  6. Share the combined lyric video far and wide!

In addition to the lyric slide you choose, I am also looking for other video contributions:

  • "My God is love": I want as many different versions of this slide as possible, from every participant.
  • Creation footage: Record 15-second video clips of the creator working on his/her submission.
  • Singing / Worshipping: Record 30-second videoclips of someone singing/worshipping along with the bridge of the song ("He is Almighty God..."). Your audio will not be used.

To help you prepare (and provide a soundtrack for singing/worshipping recordings), here is a draft lyric video I produced using stock video footage.

Video Recording Guidelines

Please keep the following instructions in mind when recording your video submissions. If there is a problem with your video file, you may need to re-record!

  • Video resolution: Record video in HD (720p is the target resolution).
  • Wide screen: Record in landscape (wide) orientation.
  • Clear and legible: Creative word art is okay, but each word must be large and legible in your video.
  • Lighting: Record in bright lighting, preferably outdoors.
  • Camera movement: Hand-held shots are okay; no tripod necessary. Do try to keep still/smooth though!
  • People, please: Your art is great, but we'd love to see you too!
  • Fill the frame: Fill as much of the video frame as possible with your artwork (and people).
  • It's not a still photo: Subject movement is okay - try keep it subtle/smooth.
  • Smiles and laughs: Inject some life into your video clip to express God's joy to the audience.

Lyric Video ideas

There are any number of creative ways you could bring your lyrics to life. Feel free to branch out beyond the suggestions below. Please consider the content of your lyrics when choosing how to present them.

Hold up a poster
Draw on a chalkboard
Pose with a painting
Family with posters
T-shirt word art
Fridge magnets
Church signage
Foggy window/mirror
Margin of your Bible
Sidewalk chalk
Write in wet sand
Write in snow
Pose with projection
Body art (TEMPORARY!!)

Lyric Slides

Please choose one of these lyric slides for your contribution AND "My God is love" in addition.

Feel free to contact me with any questions/concerns.